Violins named Verity and Beget side by side without strings and bridge

Two Vs in a pod

These two are the designs I am using for 2022. There will be five made. I do commissions if you want to reserve …
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A bassbar fitted on a finished top on a workbench

Bass bar in progress

It’s so cool to experience the tonal changes that occur when shaping a fitted bass bar. It’s kinda magical to hear the variances. …
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A violin top plate with f holes cut out on a workbench

A new f hole

Every time I work on f holes I have to sit back and stare at them. I work on my f-holes in about three …
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Image of me playing with wood is play time

Fun with wood shavings

Thousands and thousands of little wood shavings. Every now and then I have to stop to look at the shavings. This stuff makes great wood …
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violin ribs with measuring calipers on workbench

Preparing violin ribs

I finished preparing violin ribs by shaving maple wood down to 1.2 mm thick. Learning to thinning wood to a veneer thickness with hand tools …
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