Fearless (viola) | 2021

Maker: Roman Clarkson

Year: 2021

Serial: 21-2

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-free from fear

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

This viola, designed and handcrafted by luthier Roman Clarkson, has an amazing low end, full and resonant. The upper register is mellow and filled with lovely harmonics. Its sound will complement a quartet or ensemble and give the violist a stand-out sound. Fearless was named because in making it, Roman felt he had to be as bold as the violist who will own it. The viola is special, not just because everything is enhanced, its size, sound and bass, but because with violas, luthiers can be bold in their instrument design and sound.

Fearless has a striking flamed red maple back and neck and its fingerboard and accessories are ebony. The finish is a spirit varnish in red, brown, and yellow. The red spruce top was finished with spirit varnish, forming a soft velvet look in red and brown.