Roman Clarkson offers a range of services, from creating custom instruments to setup and repairs. His primary focus is on violins and violas, but he has experience with many stringed instruments. Please contact us to book an appointment for a free consult about your instrument. 

Violins named Verity and Beget side by side without strings and bridge

Custom-Built Instruments

Choose the wood, fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece and finish for your custom instrument. Pick a specific model from a great master or an original design to meet your individual interests.


Instrument Setup and Sound Adjustments

Ensure your instrument is sounding its best. Luthier Roman Clarkson can adjust the bridge, sound post, and strings to your taste.


Bring your instrument back to life. Roman can fix open seams and cracks, apply varnish touch-up, fix pegs, and clean and polish your instrument.