Verity | 2021

Maker: Roman Clarkson

Year: 2021

Serial: 21-3

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-the quality or state of being true or real

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

This violin, designed and handcrafted by luthier Roman Clarkson, sings under the ear and plays smoothly from soft to loud while holding more in reserve. Verity was named when Roman realized his dream for the future is to continue creating instruments with intention.

Verity has a guitar-style body with no corners. It is finished with a spirit varnish colored in a combination of red, brown and yellow. This violin looks like it wants to be noticed with its rich suede leather finish in red and brown tones, created by the ground color of the varnish and the red spruce top plate. In the light, the flame beautifully radiates. In addition, Verity has a red maple back and neck and its fingerboard and accessories are ebony.

The length of the violin is 360 mm long. Roman keeps the mensur at the standard length of 196 mm for standard playability. The after-string length is a little longer than the standard, but Verity plays well with it.

Everything about this violin fell into place. Roman plans on making more violins in this style for 2022, so if you miss this one, another opportunity may present itself soon.

The first two guest violinists who played Verity were using strings from different manufacturers and its sound changed depending on the strings. It is easy to imagine how this violin will be pleasing for years to come with the ability to enhance its sounds by changing the strings.

The first violinist worked with Roman for two sessions to get the sound just right. After their feedback, Roman decided to cut a new bridge, add more graphene to the nut, add more soap and chalk to the tuning pegs and burnish, and add a new set of strings. In the second session, the combination of the player’s familiarity with the instrument along with the new setup opened up the violin to even richer sounds.