Hello and welcome! My name is Roman Clarkson and I am a boutique violin and viola maker for players of all levels.

Who: I am a one person shop and make between five and six violins a year.

Why: I have been overtaken by the need to build violins and violas.

Where: I am in Saint Louis, MO. I have a designated music room, in the front of the house, where you can experience any of my instruments in natural sunlight with room to move. I have a piano, music stands, a sofa seat and refreshments to help you settle into your “musical headspace”.

What: So, now I build instruments and want to find them a good home. I have a handful of instruments on hand for sale.

When: I have a flexible schedule. I only do appointments. I prefer to schedule an hour or two of time so you can come in, play and become familiar with the instruments. Let’s book an appointment.

How: Let’s make this happen, you can reach me here.

My violins for sale