Beget | 2021

Maker: Roman Clarkson

Year: 2021

Serial: 21-1

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– to produce especially as an effect or outgrowth

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

This violin, designed and handcrafted by luthier Roman Clarkson, has a warm bright sound and responds well when played soft or loud. The name Beget represents the outgrowth of creativity that developed through the process of crafting previous violins. Beget is not only a product of what was created before but is also the predecessor of what is to come, a guitar-style violin named Verity that has the same dimensions and a similar feel. If you prefer a traditionally shaped violin, Beget is a perfect choice.

This violin was finished with a spirit varnish in a blend of red, brown and yellow. The color of the varnish along with the naturally dark Engelmann spruce top forms a lovely overall blend of dark red and brown. The red maple back has a touch of golden yellow in addition to the red and brown, creating a sophisticated look. The mensur is a standard length of 196 mm.

When the first violinist played it at a sound-check session, it immediately sounded great. Only slight changes were made afterward to trim the bridge and add more soap and chalk to the pegs and burnish them.

The second sound session for this violin filled up the room with an inviting warm sound. The longer the violinist played and the more they became familiar with the instrument, the more dynamics were discovered.